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MEN: Why You Haven’t Gotten Laid In Forever And How To Increase Sexy Time ASAP

When guys I know haven’t gotten laid in over 6 months (sometimes wayyy longer), I always ask them one simple question: How many women have you approached in that time frame? The answer is always—ZERO.

Guys, meeting a woman is just like making a sale.

It’s a numbers game.

Yes, if you approach women (which you should always be doing), you WILL get turned down.

My mentor Craig use to say to me, “If you’re not willing to look like a fool, don’t even get in the game.”

I live by this quote in every facet of my life because it’s the truth.

But if you get turned down, don’t take it personal. Maybe she has a boyfriend (if she says this, immediately ask her what his name is.

If she has to think about it, she’s lying and you can work your way through that objection easily.

She’ll even be attracted to the fact that you caught her lying.

With a smile, let her know she’s a bad girl!!), or maybe she’s in a bad mood.

Whatever it is, who cares.

If it doesn’t work out –> NEXT!!

If you simply approach women everyday on the street, at work, at a bar, or wherever they may roam, you WILL find a little chica in no time. I promise you that.

I don’t care if you have zero game, this is how you get better. Before you know it, you’ll be walking up to women and within minutes pulling them in and making out with them. It’s fun, try it!

PS: If for whatever reason you think you’re unattractive and no women would ever want you, you’re wrong.

Unlike men, women don’t care about physical attraction.

Not in the way men do.

Of course it’s a plus, but what they really want is a MAN.

A dude that is confident, takes charge, and can make decisions.

Now this doesn’t mean you can smell like an asshole.

You MUST be clean and at least have some sort of style, but what it does mean is that pretty much no matter what you look like, if you come with the right attitude, you can have Adriana Lima if you want.

Now stop being a pussy and go get her! 😉