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MEN: Why You Haven’t Gotten Laid In Forever And How To Increase Sexy Time ASAP

I was talking with a childhood friend the other day and he told me he hadn’t been with a woman in over 4 years!

I was shocked! 4 years?!?! I can understand 3-6 months… but 4 years?!

That’s real pain and suffering!

Having sex and connecting with the opposite sex is a real human NEED. It’s absolutely unacceptable to settle for piss poor results like that.

So, when I hear stories like my buddy’s, I always ask them one simple question:

“How many women have you approached in that time frame?”

The inevitable answer every.single.time is always—ZERO.

Guys, women are NOT going to approach you! It’s just NOT going to happen.

Therefore, meeting a woman is just like making a sale. It’s a numbers game!

The more women you approach, the higher your chances are of meeting one who is interested in you and, most importantly, YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! (Raise your standards damn it!!)

Yes, if you approach women—which you should always be doing unless you’re satisfied at the moment—you WILL get turned down. That’s just a fact of life.

My late great mentor Craig use to tell me, “If you’re not willing to look like a fool, don’t even get in the game.”

I live by this quote in every facet of my life because it’s the truth. The bridge to success is failure! And that’s true for just about any pursuit worth pursuing.

But if you get turned down, don’t take it personal. Maybe she has a boyfriend. Or maybe she’s in a bad mood.

Whatever it is, who cares!

If it doesn’t work out –> NEXT!!

You don’t have to be mean or an asshole, but dwelling on things you can’t control is a complete waste of time and emotional energy!

If you simply approach women everyday on the street, at work, at a bar, or wherever they may roam, you WILL find a little chica in no time. I promise you that!

I don’t care if you have zero game, this is how you get better!

I’m tellin you, before you know it you’ll be walking up to women and within minutes pulling them in and making out with them. Sounds crazy! But when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone! Plus, it’s fun… try it!

PS: If for whatever reason you think you’re unattractive and no women would ever want you, you’re wrong.

Unlike men, women don’t care about physical attraction—not in the way men do.

Of course it’s a plus, but what women really want is a MAN.

A dude that is confident, takes charge, and can make decisions.

A dude who takes care of himself (and his loved ones), is clean, and has a little style/swag.

Pretty much no matter what you look like, if you come with a fun confident attitude with no expectations and you’re congruent (not trying hard or making up shit—aka being someone you’re not), then you can have Adriana Lima if you want. And I’m not joking!

I’ve seen guys who I could never imagine with a beautiful woman… with a beautiful woman.

Whether you’re just trying to get laid (lots of women are too) or you’re looking for “the one,” it requires looking within, sorting out your shit, and taking massive action! It’s not gonna be easy at first, but it will get easier over time with practice, and soon enough you’ll be making love with an incredible woman of your dreams!

I don’t specialize in dating, but I do specialize in developing your mindset and lifestyle and that’s truly where it starts! If you do the inner work, the rest will take care of itself because you’ll naturally attract high value women…. because now you’re a high value man!

If you’re looking for more in-depth mindset training, check out my online course, Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle!

If you want some tips and tricks to picking up a woman tonight… check out the RSD crew on YouTube.