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Why I’m Loving My New Ketogenic Diet (Hint: It includes eating lots of Bacon)

I’m absolutely LOVING my new ketogenic diet and here’s why…

First things first, I DON’T recommend the keto diet to 99% of the population for the simple fact that it’s super challenging to adhere to considering I can’t eat any starchy carbs and it requires monitoring and recording my nutrition, at least initially.

However, and it’s a BIG however, what I can eat is just about everything else mouth watering in this world such as heaps of bacon, cheese, steak, lots and lots of fat and butter, and yes, even pizza (by modifying the ingredients for the dough).

Essentially all my calories will come from 75% fat, 20% protein, and less than 5% carbs coming mostly from non-starchy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc).

Ya see, our bodies aren’t really designed for ingesting  large amounts of carbs and performs much better on a high fat/low carb diet.

So eating a fuck ton of natural fats is not only ok, it’s GREAT for you.

And that’s not all.
Here’s the money shot: once my body assimilates to using fat (instead of carbs) for its primary energy source…

I’ll be able to go all day without feeling hungry, if, let’s say, I’m focused on work and don’t want to bother with eating.

I’ll have a nearly unlimited source of energy and never get bogged down, since your body can store much more fat than carbs (should have done this for Bike To Believe).

I’ll think clearer and have more energy (already feeling it and it’s insane).

I’ll experience lower blood pressure, a drop in cholesterol, decrease in joint stiffness and pain, much better sleep, and the best part is…

I’ll actually lose weight!! Which I already am.

It’s insane.

Again, this is not an easy to diet to learn or adhere to and initially requires a tremendous amount of discipline and patience, so I don’t recommend it for everyone.

But for those who are strong enough mentally and are willing to stick it out long enough to start seeing and feeling the tremendous results, it’s SO worth it.

Here are the BEST RESOURCES I’ve found:

Ruled.Me – best site I’ve found that covers absolutely everything you need to master the ketogenic diet. – Download the app to your phone for the best way (imo) to count calories and make sure you’re covering all your nutritional bases. – This app is suppose to be better and is recommended by the guy I’m about to recommend you learn more from. I’m looking into it now as we speak. My only issue with this app is that I don’t think it has a very large data base of food and you can’t scan packages for tracking nutrional data like you can with the MyFitnessPal app, which makes life SO MUCH easier.

Dom D’Agostino – I love Tim Ferriss and that’s who recommended me to Dom and who introduced me to the diet. Tim has 3 podcasts with Dom where he explains how he approaches the keto diet and so much more, which I’ll link below.

Dom D’Agostino — The Power of the Ketogenic Diet
Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and the End of Cancer

Update… it’s been quite sometime since I posted this so learn more about my experience and get more details HERE.

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How To Build A 7-Figure Coaching Empire While Traveling The World With Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer (@ReganHillyer) is an entrepreneur, coach, and world-traveling speaker who has built a multi-million dollar coaching business from her laptop, which she credits to upgrading her mindset.

Her goal is to help empower millions to realize their full potential by doing the inner work of upgrading their mindset and aligning with their true selves so they can “absolutely have it all!”

In this incredible conversation, Regan shares…

  • Her “non-negotiable” daily routine around mindset, which empowers her life and business
  • How she outsourced her homework in college
  • What her first experience giving a seminar was like and how she improved tenfold
  • How to get over the mental hurdle of charging people for your work and how to price
  • How she made the transition from solopreneur to entrepreneur
  • How she approaches 1on1 coaching
  • How she sustains her energy and juggles everything with her life and her business
  • And so much more… (really!)

I literally listened to this episode 3 times and took down lengthy notes on everything Regan shared. It’s super powerful!

You can find Regan here: (where she posts tons of free advice) and everywhere on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

LISTEN ON iTunes (audio only):

WATCH ON YouTube (w/ video):

DOWNLOAD MP3: RIGHT CLICK HERE and choose “save as” or “save link as”

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Why People Remain Poor and How to Dominate in Sales with Brendan Welsher

“Because I never got a chance to see ‘the menu,’ I didn’t know how delicious the entrees were.” – Brendan Welsher on his upbringing

Brendan Welsher went from selling drugs and making thousands of dollars every week ripping off coin machines to changing up his mindset and going on to become the marketing director of the largest manufacturer and installer of windows in the country with over 7 million windows sold annually, Anderson Windows.

In this fantastic episode, Brendan shares his gripping story about where he came from and how he was able to rewire his mindset and use his strengths to propel him into a life of abundance.

Along the way you’ll learn:

  • How he sculpted his salesmanship skills by selling flowers with his dad in parking lots with at 14 years old
  • How he leveraged YouTube to develop a single sales team that generates over 12 million in sales per year
  • His counterintuitive approach to getting an education that leads to a great income and fulfilling life
  • A simple way of looking at sales to be effective even if you know nothing about sales
  • What consumers need to make a decision to buy
  • His 5 reasons for why people remain poor.
  • And much more…



DOWNLOAD MP3: RIGHT CLICK HERE and choose “save as” or “save link as”

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How Prince Leveraged Mopping Floors To Become A Legendary Artist And How It Translates To Your Success

When Prince got started out, he mopped floors in return for studio time. This means that doing janitorial work was a crucial aspect of Prince becoming a legendary artist.

One of the main reasons why I love personal development is because you get to learn about all these “success” stories. But really they’re all failure stories.

Every single one of them grinded in the dirt forever before becoming anything worth mentioning.

And what’s really cool is that if you study enough successful people, you begin to see patterns that tie them all together.

Sure, one created the iPhone while the other created an electric car. Totally different results. At least one would think.

But if you dig deeper, you see the parallels in their thought process and how they all had to overcome the same fundamental obstacles.

They began asking better questions.

They began replacing limiting beliefs, about themselves and the world, with empowering beliefs.

They began learning to have faith in themselves and take a bold leap into unknown territory without having all the answers ahead of time.

The truth is, success in life is 80% mindset (how you think) and 20% mechanics (the physical actions or work).

So whatever you want to do, whatever you want to become… it begins with your mindset and how you think.

If you want to change your life in anyway, you gotta think differently.

And once you upgrade your mental reality–your self-image, your world view, and how you think day to day–then your physical reality will automatically become richer and more fulfilling.

It’s not necessarily easy, but it is that simple.

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How to Quickly Grow Your Following by Stealing Gary Vaynerchuk’s Best Advice

In an age where YouTube videos get literally a billion views, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the work you create is insignificant and pointless to create.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an immensely successful entrepreneur and social media guru, has this saying… “One is greater than zero.” (1>0)

And I think that’s powerful!

Because what this simple notion means is that even if you “only” have 100 people watching your videos, or listening to your music, or checking out whatever it is you create, that’s ONE HUNDRED people who are stopping everything they’re doing in this incredibly busy and noisy world to pay attention to something you made.

That’s incredible!

Think about being in a room with 100 people, and they’re all watching and listening to you. It’s essentially the same thing.

So this idea that, “Since I don’t have a million views, what’s the point?!” or “What are people going to think when they see that I only have 100 views?!”…

It’s total bullshit!

First of all, you’re fortunate to have that many people paying attention to your work. A LOT of people get NO ATTENTION. So you should be super grateful for the people who DO pay attention to you and give them your all!

And secondly, almost all the gurus, actors, musicians, vloggers, and celebrities that you love and admire who get millions of views or listens or whatever… they started from 0.

So just remember that.

Because this sort of perspective, appreciation, and gratitude for the people who are following you NOW is what’s going to empower you to keep producing and sharing better and better content with them, which is the most fundamental practice to quickly increasing the number of people who give you their very limited and non-renewable resources: TIME AND ATTENTION.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter: @GaryVee

Thanks for reading and please subscribe to my weekly newsletter below where I share more thoughts and strategies to help you become everything you already know you are!

Much love!


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The Simple Formula To Master Your Craft And Become “Internet Famous”

It seems today that everyone is trying to become internet famous. Of course, very few people ever do, but there’s A REASON why.

Getting to a higher place with your craft, maybe even to internet celebrity, is nothing more than a mathematical formula.

Here’s the formula:

Your Craft x Thinking Big x Belief In Oneself x Hard Work x Focus x Trial & Error x Constantly Sharing x Never Quitting = Your Wildest Dreams (or Internet Famous)

If you truly believe in yourself, are super focused and work your ass off to create great shit for people, are self-aware about what’s working and what’s not, are constantly sharing your craft with the world, and never quit, you’ll slowly but surely build a large following.

And as the years pass, your following will compound over and over again, going from 10 views… to 100 views… to 1000 views… to 10,000 views… to 100,000 views… and if you work hard enough at it, even 1,000,000 views.

It may take 1 year or 2 years or 3 years (C.K. Louis was a comedian for 15 years before he became an “overnight success”), but it’ll happen.

Now, this may sound simple, and the formula itself is. But what isn’t… what’s almost impossible for most people… is the execution of the formula.

Most people have no idea what they want to do. Most people think really small. Most people don’t believe in themselves. Most people are lazy as fuck. Most people think that failure is final. Most people are too self-conscious to share their shit. And most people give up way too easy.

I’m not ragging on “most people”. I was almost none of those things up there for most of my life until I woke the fuck up and TRULY educated myself (Not that bullshit education they shuffle around in most institutions).

What I’m saying is that our society, at least the underclasses, breed order takers—not leaders.

We go to school and sit in our little fucking deskchairs for 8 hours a day for 12 years learning shit we’re not interested in (and usually has little practical application to our lives) at a snail’s pace, and by the time we get out, we don’t want to learn a fucking god damn thing because school is so fucking grueling and boring that we think learning is grueling and boring…. but it’s not.

The reason for this is because they don’t teach us the REAL SHIT. The personal power shit!

They teach us how to, as George Carlin put it, “File the paperwork and run the machines.”

That’s why internet fame or big time success seems so rare and impossible, because most people in society were trained to be obedient workers (not big thinkers/leaders) and don’t display any or all those attributes in the formula to create the incredible results they want in life.

I won’t get into all of it, but the point is this… don’t look to society as a whole for cues on what’s possible for you.

Sadly and unfortunately, most people are doing life wrong, and worse off, have no idea why.

But you don’t have to be “most people”.

Whether it’s becoming internet famous or whatever, you can be whoever the fuck you want to be, and do whatever the fuck you want to do.

You just gotta implement the formula into your life.

It won’t be easy. Shit, it’ll be challenging as fuck. But once you’ve done it, it’ll pay off in spades.

(NOTE: I am NOT internet famous, so who am I to tell anyone how to become internet famous?! I’ll say this: I’ve gone from having 0 people read or watch any of my shit, to getting 1000 views a video. And the more consistently I post quality work, the more growth I see in the number of people who are engaging in my content. I’m being patient and using this formula, and that’s why I’m getting better and better results everyday. And if you use the formula, you will too! I didn’t learn these strategies on my own. I was taught them by people much smarter than I who have already made the seemingly impossible, possible.)

If you want to learn how to implement the formula and take control of your one life so you can live your dream life, sign up for my 30-day online course today… Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle!

All the mental tools (they never taught you in school) that’ll help you crush life—in one simple package.

Click here —> Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle!


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Plateaus, Expectations, And Cultivating Patience With The Process of Growth

Life is a series of plateaus. If we’re doing it right, then it means we’re constantly growing. And right now, I’m going through a massive transition in life, or in other words, I’m working to overcome a plateau.

The process has been nothing short of brutal, but I don’t think it needs to be. Allow me to explain.

Besides the last week or so, I haven’t been writing or sharing much on FB for a while (3-6 months).

For example, from Sept 18th to Oct 6th, I wrote 3 posts, and none of them carried any significant value to others or myself. If anything, more like travel updates.

And if you know me, that number should be more like 30 posts. And each one, a page long.

It’s most certainly due to the stage of life I’m in.

I’m going from student to creator.

I’m going from reading books and scouring the internet for knowledge 10 hours a day, to working tirelessly to create for the benefit of others. Of course, with the selfish intention of turning my passion into my career.

By helping others (something I do enjoy), I help myself.

Problem is, I’m not having the success I predicted I would have in the time frame I predicted I would have it.

Lofty expectations strike again!

I drastically underestimated the learning curve for online marketing. But really, more than anything, I underestimated the time it would take me to figure out which direction I wanted to travel down with the business that is me, aka, my personal brand.

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!” –Jigga

And so, basically what had me down was the fact that I’m 30 years old going on 31 in a month, have been preaching all the attributes of a successful man living his dream life, but haven’t truly created ultimate freedom yet.

And that’s the mission—ultimate freedom.

I can’t call up Karla, my lovely friend in El Paso, and tell her to pack up her shit because we’re flying to Paris tomorrow to enjoy a bottle of wine under the Eiffel tower.


And if I can’t do that, then I haven’t achieved my mission.

And if I haven’t achieved my mission, then I haven’t surpassed my expectations.

And if I haven’t surpassed my expectations, then I’m not a happy camper.

And if I’m not a happy camper, then I’m not gonna feel the urge or have access to the creativity necessary to write empowering shit.

Basically, I’m feeling like a failure.

I feel stuck at a plateau. And like Bruce Lee once said, “There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

So here’s where my vast knowledge of personal development comes in and saves the day.

Here’s what’s going on:

I’m at a plateau right now in my personal growth and I don’t want to be here. I want to move forward. I want to grow. And more than anything, I want to be FREE in the greatest sense of the word.

I want to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want, as much as I want.

And I can’t do that until I move past this plateau.

But here’s the thing, that’s okay.

I need to manage my expectations for the time required to make my dream a reality, and if I do that, if I manage my expectations on how long it’s gonna take for me to get to the next stage of my life (ultimate freedom), then I won’t get down on myself or feel like a failure. And then I’ll feel more inspired and empowered to write shit that all of you love (including myself).

So what I need to do is develop more patience and lower my expectations, or rather, recalibrate my expectations.

Because at the end of the day, I know I’m going to achieve what I set out to achieve. I’m either gonna achieve ultimate freedom… or die trying.

Not to sound cliché, but that’s the truth. There’s no other path for me.

It’s like Will Smith said in one of his interviews, “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple.”

And so, I think this is something many or even most of us need to implement into our lives.

We need to recalibrate our expectations and have patience with the process.

And if we do this, we’ll live much more fulfilling lives.

Because if you’re doing it right, you’ll always be growing. You’ll always be reaching for the next plateau.

So you gotta learn to understand and enjoy the process.

And probably more than anything, you gotta learn to love yourself, no matter what stage you’re in.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are working to overcome a plateau? And if so, do you feel that you’ve been managing your expectations and having patience with the process, or doing something else? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom.

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Drugs, Weird Rituals, And Learning To Accept Yourself

Someone said to me, “Doesn’t that video go against your message and what you preach to others?”

What she was referring to was a video I made of my best friends and I drinking and smoking weed at a sunday football party we threw at a buddy’s place, which contradicts my overall message about staying healthy to produce best results in life.

So here’s the thing… it’s not one or the other, and there’s a time and a place.

We have this magical ability to control the choices we make in life, and although I agree (and preach) that being 100% sober, eating super healthy food (aka REAL FOOD), and getting some form of exercise, will dramatically increase the quality of your life…

(because your mind and body will be healthier, which will lead to better mood, energy, and decision-making, which will lead to a better life)

…it doesn’t mean that it’s not good for you to go off the rails from time to time.

In my opinion, I enjoy going off the rails and not giving a fuck about anything.

I enjoy the change of pace and scenery.

I enjoy being “self-destructive”.

Not always, but sometimes.

For example, I enjoy using weed to shut off my incredibly active (and annoying) brain, ordering in pizzas, and binge watching TV series for a week straight.

I enjoy going out every night of the week (for a short period) and getting hammered with friends while we laugh the night away from our total and utter stupidity.

But I don’t live the greater part of my life that way because I believe, overall, it’s a waste of time, destroys my ability to think clearly and create for others, and ultimately, won’t lead to a fulfilling life.

I’m not perfect. I’m just a human being. But more than anything, I’m fucking weird! And being weird comes with weird rituals.

I’ll work sunup to sundown, completely obsessed with achieving my goal, and get 5 hours of sleep every night for 3 months straight! And then, to give my mind and body rest from thinking non-stop and getting little sleep, I’ll flip it and party for two weeks straight until I can’t remember my name.

Is that balanced and the most sustainable way to live? I don’t know. Probably not.

But honestly, I don’t care.


Because that’s who I am and that’s what works for me (at least for now).

So I’m cool with it.

The truth is, I’m not good at moderation. I’m an extremist.

I’m either all-in or all-out.

Now, take my sister. She doesn’t live her life like that and maintains a fairy balanced life.

That works for her, and that’s awesome. Seriously.

But that’s not me.

You have to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

There’s no one path. There are many paths.

But the biggest issue I’ve personally found with being an extremist whose habits are weird as fuck, is the judgement.

Not from others—but from myself.

When I’m not working and laser focused on achieving my long-term goals, or I do something ridiculously stupid because my mind isn’t 100% sharp from partying or being super lazy, I bash the shit out of myself.

Well…. I used to.

I don’t do that anymore. I’ve learned to accept myself, weird rituals and all.

You’ve gotta learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and sometimes doing the “wrong thing”, is actually the right thing, because it works for you.

It may not work for many others, or even the rest of the world, but if it works for you, that my friend, is all that matters.

Wanna learn more about weird and crazy habits/rituals by the most successful people in the world? (Like how Sigmund Freud used cocaine elixirs to “stimulate” his work or Benjamin Franklin taking “air showers” (sat outside naked) every morning.)

Check out this audiobook: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any weird habits? If so, what are they and how do you feel about them? (Answer in the comment section below)


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My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

It all started with a text.

My dear friend Mariana, the one who talked me into moving to Medellin, Colombia, said she was gonna take ayahuasca, a psychedelic drug known for its therapeutic effects, and asked if I wanted to join.

Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity.


It’s no secret that I have a deep love and respect for psychedelic drugs.

I attribute much of my personal transformation—FROM unconscious human being going through the motions of daily life totally confused TO conscious human being directing his own life with confidence and clarity—to the many mushroom trips I experienced while living in Las Vegas in 2012 over a nine month period.

Three to four times a month, I would venture out to Red Rock Canyon—sometimes with friends, but often by myself—with the goal of “figuring out my shit.”

I believe no one knows you better than you, therefore, I believe the best psychologist for you, is YOU!

Thing is, most people don’t understand how the brain works, how we function individually and socially as human beings, and what we really need to live fulfilling lives, so it makes it quite difficult for most to dive deep into themselves and squash out issues that lie at the root of their lives.

Psychedelics are the cheat code.

Given the right dose, the right mindset, and the right environment, psychedelics have an almost magical ability to help people dive deep and “figure out their shit” without having to drop a bundle of cash on a therapist or get a PhD in both neurology and psychology.

But interestingly enough, my psychedelic journey did not begin from such an open-minded place.

It began with fear.

From an early age, I was told that psychedelics would make me go crazy, cut myself, and more than likely, end my life by jumping off the roof of a very tall building.

I was even told that schizophrenia ran in my family, and that if I took psychedelics, it would trigger “my schizophrenia” and I’d go insane FOR-EV-ERRR!

So I stayed away from it, “Fuck that! I’m not going insane.”

But that stance didn’t last very long.

One drunken night when my buddy Vick and I were whipping my Honda S2000 back from Pearl Nightclub in Rochester, NY—my favorite place to grab drinks, dance, and pick up chicks when I was 20—we took a detour and ended up at a mutual friend’s house where she was throwing an after party for ten of our closest friends and dishing out psychedelic mushrooms like they were hors d’oeuvres.

I was drunk, so of course I threw caution to the wind, saying something like, “Fuck schizophrenia!” right before popping two caps and two stems into my mouth and washing them down with a big swig of my vodka soda.

What proceeded was one of the best nights of my life.

It began with Will Smith of Fresh Prince bursting into a bunch of pixels on the TV screen, and ended with most of our friends from the evening falling asleep intertwined on a king-size bed in orgy-like fashion.

I’ve never been much of a sound sleeper, and that particular night was no exception.

I laid there on the bed, mind churning as I watched the sunrise slowly peek through the skylight of my friend’s bedroom.

So I got up, left the house, and went for a walk, leaving Vick and the S2000 far behind.

It was one of the most euphoric adventures I’d ever been on.

I remember gazing up at the sun and feeling so much joy and appreciation for all the life around me.

The birds. The people headed to work. Just everything. I loved it all.

Four miles later, I had arrived home.

I got into bed, fell fast asleep, and woke up later that day feeling just as incredible.

Although I wouldn’t take mushrooms or any other psychedelic again for another 4 years, this was the beginning of my relationship with psychedelics.

Fast forward to the beginning of last week.

My friend Mariana asks me to take ayahuasca and I eagerly accept.

So what the hell is Ayahuasca anyway? And why did I want to take it so bad?


ayahuasca drink

As defined by

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, usually lasting between 4 to 8 hours after ingestion. Ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary, ayahuasca is used primarily as a medicine and as a shamanic means of communication, typically in a ceremonial session under the guidance of an experienced drinker.

The main ingredient of this jungle tea is a vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, which like the tea itself is also called ayahuasca (which means ‘vine of the soul’ or ‘vine with a soul’). The secondary ingredient is either chacruna (Psychotria viridis) or chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), plants that contain a relatively high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT…

…Psychonauts, i.e. people who practice responsible and conscious use of mind-altering substances, use ayahuasca to confront themselves with the richness of the mind, the infinity of the universe, and their deepest fears, so as to experience ecstasy resulting from facing and overcoming these fears.

One effect of ayahuasca is that it makes a lot of people vomit and many drinkers get diarrhea… as it purges the body through this physical effect, and purifies the mind through the meaningful psychological experiences or visions. You usually feel totally refreshed and reborn after a strong experience.”

Because ayahuasca is most commonly administered in the Amazonian regions of South America, it is often out of reach for most Westerners, making it one of the least accessible psychedelic drugs compared to, let’s say, mushrooms or LSD.

This is what I believe ayahuasca’s legendary status is partly attributed to.

This is exactly why—even after 20-30 psychedelic experiences—I was so eager to experience it.

And so I set out to do just that.

In order to be in the highest state of mind for the upcoming ayahuasca ceremony, Mariana “suggested” that I begin preparing immediately.

FullSizeRender 2

Truth be told, I didn’t really follow her “suggestions.”

Although I abstained from sex (not by choice), alcohol, and meat, I smoked weed several times, masterbated “several” times, and smoked my e-cigarette religiously.


I had just finished a two month project that didn’t workout as well as planned, so I needed to shut my brain off for a while and relax, which mary jane does an excellent job of.

My megalomaniacal ambitions ain’t got no time for relaxin.

At any rate, the day had arrived. Not Wednesday like we had originally planned, but Friday instead.

FullSizeRender 3

Since the ceremony would be taking place high up in the mountains, I was advised to dress warm and bring extra layers just in case.

The cost of the ceremony would be 60,000 colombian pesos …aka twenty bucks.

I had all my shit together, but of course, as I went to leave, I couldn’t find the key to my apartment.

Funny thing about my apartment door is that if it’s locked shut with you inside and you don’t got a key, unless you’re willing to base jump from twenty stories, you’re shit out of luck.

Huge fire code issue, but hey, welcome to Colombia!

Luckily, my roommate hadn’t left for work yet, so he let me out in time to catch my ride to the ceremony.

Since Mariana and I live in the same building, we caught a taxi together to her best friend, Jessica’s house.

From there, we took Jessica’s 1.5 liter go-kart looking car miles up the mountains of Medellin to pick up two more friends on the way to the ceremony.

With how steep many of the roads are, I’m always surprised these little 5-speed manual transmission cars make it without having to rebuild the engine and replace the clutch after every trip.

(Here’s a 30 second clip of the ride up. Incredible views!)

On the way up, a few pessimistic thoughts surfaced.

Besides my very first psychedelic experience at my friend’s house almost 10 years ago, I’ve never really enjoyed indoor experiences.

My favorite way to take psychedelics for therapeutic purposes is to go to the top of a mountain during daylight, preferably alone, put on Pretty Lights or other comparable non-lyrical electronic music, and gaze out at the world while my drug-induced mind uses its heightened awareness to process deeper aspects of my life and answer troubling questions I’ve purposely set out to solve.

I’m not quite sure how to explain it other than it seems like common-sense not to take psychedelics in small dark spaces.

Nevertheless, I wanted to keep an open mind, so I brushed off the pessimism and approached the experience from beginner’s mind.

Shortly after picking up our other two friends, we arrived at the “hut” where the ceremony would take place.

ayahuasca hut


The hut came with two bathrooms for people to take a piss in, poop in, or throw up in, at anytime, which we’ll get to shortly.

I tried taking a poop before the ceremony, but all I managed to do was take a lifeless pee.

IMG_7283 2


Here’s a picture of inside the hut, as well as Mariana checking her phone (of course).

It should be noted that I was the only idiot from our group who wore black jeans instead of an incredibly comfortable pair of sweatpants. As life presents few opportunities to do so, I’ll never forgive myself.



As you can see, we all had padded mats to lay on, as well as a stack of blankets to choose from so we could stay warm, as it was VERY cold where we were high up in the mountains.

IMG_7281 2


As Mariana and I settle in for our psychedelic adventure, I decide to snap some before-pics.

Mariana kurshot ayahuasca 1 Mariana kurshot ayahuasca 3


One of the Shaman’s helpers sparks the fire.



Out of respect for the ceremony and to not seem like a complete tourist, I decided to hold off on the pictures for the rest of the ceremony.

And sorry, unfortunately no picture of the Shaman. But if it makes you feel any better, he looked like any other Shaman you may have seen before, but replace leaves and feathers with jeans and a t-shirt.

He was dressed sort of like this guy, but didn’t look as decrepit and wasn’t wearing the feathers hat.


The Ceremony

Once everyone was settled, the Shaman explained what ayahuasca was, the purpose of it, and some other shit that I couldn’t understand at all because he only spoke spanish, and as of this post, I’ve got a ways to go before I’m fluent.

To his credit, he did ask Mariana to translate for me, which she did for all of two sentences and then stopped.

I still love her.

Later on, for the purposes of this post, I asked Mariana what he said, and apparently he said:

Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine that helps you deeply connect with yourself so you can see inside you. To see all the things you’ve done in your life. To see all the mistakes you’ve made. And a way to fix any problems. It’s a beautiful experience all about love and reconnecting with the father, which we can call God, and that it’s a connection of fire, water, air, and earth.”

The rest is lost to poor memories.

After the Shaman’s speech, he began picking people one by one to take ayahuasca.

It seemed to me that he chose all the men first, then the women.

I didn’t complain.

As each person went up to receive their ayahuasca drink, the Shaman would sing some sort of chant at the cup to “unlock its special powers,” have the participant repeat a prayer, and then hand the cup over where the participant would drink the thick greenish-black concoction in one big gulp.

Then he’d have you drink a little water, wipe your mouth with a napkin, and sit back down.

(Pic I stole off Google, but very similar.)


This is how it went for me as well, except, since I didn’t speak spanish, he had me say my own prayer instead of repeating his.

I acted like I was thinking about something really deep, then drank the concoction, passed up the water and napkin (because I’m a badass), and sat back down.

After everyone drank the ayahuasca and was back on their mats, nothing more was really said or done for the next hour.

As that hour passed, most began to lay down on their mats, and one began to throw up inside her throw up bag, which everyone received in the beginning.

At that point, I felt nothing.

I was beginning to grow concerned.

Is this shit ever gonna hit me? Or is this gonna be another one of those first-time dud experiences I’ve heard of before?”

I sat down next to the Shaman to ask him for more ayahuasca. He said a bunch of words I didn’t understand, but luckily, he said one word that I did understand… “despacio,” which means “slowly.”

Basically he was telling me to chill the fuck out.

So I nodded my head and sat back down next to the fire.

Right after he said that, I began to feel something.

My thoughts were speeding up and I was starting to see visuals.

I knew it was beginning to hit me, so I decided to lay down on my mat.

It was freezing cold and the ayahuasca setting in only made me feel colder.

I covered up with a blanket and put on my headphones to listen to my favorite music when I trip, Pretty Lights.

Almost as soon as I closed my eyes, I began seeing a lot of weird shit.

It’s hard to describe now, but initially it was somewhat demonic, which I can’t say I’ve experienced too many times on psychedelics.

One thing I remember seeing was a miniature joker bouncing his legs and arms up and down, as if he was doing some silly sideways dance.

I mean, it wasn’t scary enough to get me to call my Mom, but it’s not something I felt was necessary to connect with my deeper self.

At this point, I wasn’t too happy with my experience thus far.

From within my blanket, I could hear people throwing up in and outside the hut. The Shaman and his helpers were now drumming and singing away, which was interfering with the music coming from my ear buds (which I turned off). And I wasn’t reaching a higher state or connecting with any sentient beings that were ready to show me the way.

It felt the same to me as nearly every other time I had taken mushrooms in a small dark space, such as inside a friend’s apartment.

Around this time, Mariana asked me if I was feeling anything, and I said, “Sort of, but not really.”

So we both got up to get more ayahuasca and then laid back down.

I had to pee, so I got up and headed outdoors. But once I got outside, I suddenly felt like I wanted to puke everywhere.

I looked for an empty toilet, but the Shaman directed me towards the short fence where I began to vomit excessively into the brush.

With each explosion of vomit, I could see dark globs of greenish-black ooze pour out of my face and paint the plant life below. It was sort of interesting to watch.

After that glorious event, the Shaman handed me a napkin to wipe my mouth, then I took a pee and headed back in to escape under my blanket once again.

At this point, I was wishing it would all end. I kept thinking, “When is this gonna be over?!”

It had nothing to do with the vomiting. I already knew that was gonna be the case and was fully prepared for it.

But to be freezing cold, hear constant vomiting from others, feel like shit yourself, be forced to listen to loud music I didn’t enjoy which was overlaid with seemingly obnoxious chants, and after all that, get little to no insight in return?!

I didn’t think that was a fair trade-off.

At this point, I was convinced that an ayahuasca ceremony was nothing more than a mushroom or acid trip, accept with a lot of throwing up and traditional ceremony mumbo-jumbo, which I didn’t feel enhanced or added to my psychedelic experience at all.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make the best of my experience, so I tried to focus on questions that I had and wanted answered.

Since I’ve spent so many years looking within and working desperately to understand myself and resolve inner conflict, I didn’t focus too much on myself, but more so, my business.

I wanted to know why I wasn’t having the success I felt I deserved after putting in so much hard work.

And here’s where I found the experience to be beneficial.

Ayahuasca “told me” that I no longer needed to search outside myself for answers. That the answers were within me, and that I needed to guide my progression going forward.

I think this was a small part of the reason I experienced such a lackluster trip. It was almost as if ayahuasca was telling me I didn’t need it.

It was saying, “Guide yourself. You know what you need to do. Now just do it.”

I usually write a lot when I take psychedelics. In the past, I’ve written entire essays while tripping balls. But this time I kept it minimal:

People revolve around sources, like planets revolve around the sun.

Marketing, most of it, is shit.

No, marketing isn’t shit. Most marketers are shit.

They’re doing it wrong.

Because all they care about is money.

They miss the entire point of all of this.

It’s all about love.

Helping each other live better lives.

Everyone focuses on different ways to help people live better lives.

And with the whole, everything is complete.

Just help people.

Be kind.

Be funny.

Be helpful.

Do those things consistently, and you become the source.

[my definition of source] A dependable person or organization that helps others meet their needs.”

Over the last 6 months, I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to figure out how to best market and sell my online course, Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle.

After hiring a “professional” marketer to help me put together an automated marketing campaign, I left the experience feeling disgusted with myself.

For him, it was just a bunch of sequences and templates paired to a numbers game.

Fill in this template, put it in this order, and let’s try to make the numbers work so we can make some money.

It had nothing to do with helping people, or being creative, or doing something that was remarkable.

It was just about copying and repeating what most marketers do and praying for results.

Moments like these remind me of a quote by Mark Twain, “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”

It sickens me just to think about it.

But moving forward, I know what I have to do, and ayahuasca helped me clear that up.

The trip began at 10am and it was now roughly 3 or 4pm, so I knew we were nearing the end.

A random guy who showed up to the ceremony later than others started talking to one of the Shaman’s helpers and decided to never stop.

In the beginning, the Shaman advised that no one talk to each other, as it can interrupt and disturb the individual’s experience, which I totally agree with.

When you’re on psychedelics, every sense is super heightened, and if you’re in a deep thought and someone starts talking to you or blabber mouthing in the background, it can totally fuck up your mental path.

It’s like trying to watch a movie while someone plays bongos three feet from your head.

What puzzled me the most was that the Shaman never told Motormouth to shut his trap.

At this point it was regardless, because most were ready to leave.

Soon everyone headed outside and began taking pictures with the Shaman.

As for me, I was still tripping pretty hard and could barely walk normal or talk clearly, but I was happy to head home and jump directly into bed.

I gave the Shaman the 60,000 colombian pesos, thanked him, and then headed to the car.

Right before getting to the car, I began frantically searching for my iPhone. I patted myself down, but felt nothing that resembled an $800 electronic device that lies at the epicenter of my life.

I walked back inside the hut, and on my way to my mat, I saw my headphones sprawled across the ground, and then lifted up a blanket which revealed my iPhone.

My life was complete again.

On the way home, we had to take a few rocky dirt roads. The car shook and jostled for miles, and with it, so did my stomach.

I felt this greenish-black ooze sitting at the bottom of my stomach. My body was telling me, “Dude, at some point this shit is gonna have to go, and it’s not coming out of your ass.”

I fought to hold it off until I got home, but no matter how much I tried to mentally focus on the idea that I was fine, I just wasn’t.

kurshot ayahuasca car ride home

Sitting in the back seat, I peeked my head over the front driver’s seat and calmly said to Jessica, “Love, would you mind pulling over please?”

Understanding exactly what I meant, Jessica quickly pulled over.

I got out, walked to a sewage drain, bent over, and began vomiting profusely. Afterwards, I got back in the car, wiped my mouth, and said, “We’re back in business!”

When I got home, my roommate and owner of the penthouse had arrived back from vacation and was having drinks with his buddy.

Gordon’s a pretty awesome dude who runs his own security business and travels the world non-stop with his super hot colombian girlfriend. By the time this blog post gets sent out, he’ll be in Thailand.

In the past, we’ve gone out, taken molly together, and danced the night away, so as soon I saw him, I knew it wouldn’t be an issue sharing with him that I was still tripping hard from an ayahuasca ceremony I just returned from and to please excuse me while I go pass out in my bed.

He just chuckled.

When I walked into my room, Gordon’s incredibly sexy girlfriend, Carolina, was standing there in her tight sexy spandex shorts with a low top on and her long jet black hair dangling passed her incredible ass.

All the clothes and belongings I own in this world fit in a single bag, so she stores her mountain of clothes in an armoire in my room.

Needless to say, I wasn’t bothered by her standing there, but regardless, I needed to rest and wasn’t gonna wait for her to finish gathering the clothes she wanted to pack for vacation.

So I stripped off all my clothes with her standing there, put on a pair of shorts, jumped into bed, and started watching Netflix.

As I noticed her peeking to watch me undress, my presence in the room didn’t seem to bother her either.

For the next 6 hours, I would lay in bed lifeless watching Netflix and intermittently give Carolina advice, like which of her clutches I liked best.

If only her boyfriend wasn’t Gordon…

The Wrap Up

So—what do I think of my ayahuasca experience?

Well, to be fair, I’ll preface this with the fact that it was my first experience, every Shaman offers a different experience, and I think the potion, although effective, was a bit weak.

But all in all, I think the experience was sound enough to offer a legit opinion, and in my opinion, ayahuasca is overkill.

I think it’s simply another means of reaching a psychedelic state.

But it’s not just another means. I feel it’s an unnecessary means of reaching a psychedelic state.

In other words…

A) I think the ceremony is unnecessary. Most of the stuff the Shaman was doing, like chanting and rapidly shaking a bouquet of leaves in your face, is nothing more than gospel and not necessary to reach a higher psychedelic state so you can solve issues in your life.

This text explains it…



B) LSD and Mushrooms offer a very similar psychedelic experience, minus the ceremony, throwing up, and feeling like shit. If a friend who had never taken psychedelics before asked me what he should take for his first experience, I would NEVER recommend ayahuasca. Definitely LSD or Mushrooms.

C) Being in a dark room, having to listen to music someone else chooses for you, and being surrounded by people you don’t know (or even do know), in my opinion, is not the best way to experience psychedelics.

I think the best way to experience psychedelics is primarily based on your own preferences, mixed with a few common guidelines.

Here’s how I look at it…

Psychedelics stimulate your brain and heighten all your senses. Essentially, they amplify your mind making you incredibly insightful, and allow you to deeply connect with yourself and the world around you.

Although this powerful tool can absolutely help you solve problems in your life and reveal who you truly are and what you need to do with your one life, if you experience psychedelics around the wrong people, in the wrong environment, and/or are frightened by unknown safety concerns due to lack of education, you can easily have a negative experience.

Most call this having a bad trip.

In an ayahuasca ceremony, few of these variables are in your control.

You don’t choose your environment. You don’t choose who you do it with. And you don’t choose what music you listen to.

Personally, if I’m doing psychedelics for the purpose of answering questions in my life, then I go alone to the top of a mountain where no one is and I can see for miles, put on happy upbeat non-vocal music, and just start thinking about shit that matters to me, while writing down any big insights I have.

(Writing can be very challenging if you’re a beginner, as your thoughts are usually racing and it’s tough to get anything down before your mind is lightyears past the initial insight you wanted to write down.)

Although I’ll do psychedelics with a handful of carefully selected friends (smart, positive, experienced people, that I have a deep connection with), I find it much more beneficial to do it alone. You’re diving into your brain to see what you can pull out, and having people around only increases the chances that they’ll disrupt a deep thought you’re having and cut the cord to possible insights you could achieve.

I like doing psychedelics on the top of a mountain, because I find something powerful about feeling on top of the world and being able to see for miles. It seems to liberate my brain and open me up to incredible insights, whereas doing psychedelics indoors has the opposite effect on me.

I think picking the right music is huge! Music is nothing but frequencies, and what you feel (and think about) will depend on the music you choose. I choose upbeat happy non-vocal music as my go-to. I find that vocals can mess with your train of thought, so non-vocal is best in my opinion.

And maybe most importantly, I always know I’m safe. Often what causes bad trips is the uncertainty of safety. I’ve done my research on psychedelics and experienced it many times, so I never fear that I’m going to go insane or do something crazy. You’d have to take over 250 doses of LSD to die from an overdose, which is almost impossible. And it’s not addictive, because if you try to take acid or mushrooms a few days in a row, it just stops working altogether and you feel nothing. It’s as if you literally took nothing.

At the end of the day, I think everyone should have their own experiences, make their own observations, and come to their own conclusions, but whether you’re a beginner or very experienced with psychedelics, I don’t think there’s any rush to take ayahuasca.

If you get the chance to do it, do it!

What I wouldn’t recommend, is paying thousands of dollars to fly to Peru to achieve a deep psychedelic experience you can get for ten bucks by buying a tab of acid and hiking up a nearby mountain.

Question of the day (answer in comments section below): Have you done ayahuasca? And if so, what was your experience like? Also, feel free to share any thoughts or questions you have! Much love!

tough times high school basketball

A Story To Help You Get Through Tough Times

gananda basketball team copy

I woke up this morning feeling like shit.

Instead of going through my normal morning routine, which jumpstart my day and gets my head in the right place, I just laid in bed.

I wasn’t feeling right because I felt so overwhelmed with everything I’m trying to accomplish with my business.

I asked myself questions like…

“Am I doing the right things?”

“If I’m doing the wrong things, will it lead to disaster?”

“Will my ultimate vision for my business EVER become a reality?!”

In that moment, everything felt hopeless.

As frustrated and confused as I felt, I’ve trained my brain to fend off these feelings of doubt that surface from time to time.

I was reminded of an earlier time in my life when I felt similar…

When I started playing organized basketball in High School, I sat the bench for over 2 years.

After months of brutal practices and sleeping on the floor in my bedroom because I didn’t have the physical strength to climb onto my bed, I can’t describe to you how frustrating it was to play ZERO MINUTES in any game ALL SEASON.

I felt like I wasn’t getting anything in return for everything I was giving.

But to my surprise, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

In my junior year, after 2 years of bloody perseverance, something had happened to me over the summer and I came back to school a better ball player.

Because of my new-found skills, my coach and teammates were now looking at me differently.

When the season started, my position on the team was upgraded to “6th man.” And by the end of the season, I was being trusted to take the last shot with 10 seconds left on the clock and sectionals hanging in the balance.

Long story short—we won.

I remember this story often when I feel like I’m going in circles getting nowhere and all I want to do is give up.

The idea here is that you can achieve whatever your heart desires, but you have to learn to persevere through the discomfort, confusion, and pain that stands between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Once you commit to achieving what you desire by having the patience and determination to see it through, then your odds of turning your dreams into reality skyrocket!

It’s not easy. That’s for sure. But I’ll tell ya what, in the end, it’s worth it!

“Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” –Bruce Lee

Much love, my friend!